'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.07, 'Muse Of Fire'


by Ryan Rigley

Last night's episode of "Arrow" stands as a milestone for the show for a number of reasons. First and foremost being, there were absolutely no flashbacks! Go figure! "Muse of Fire" literally kicks off with a running start as Oliver attempts to chase down a masked motorcycle assassin (who almost kills his mother) on foot. Unable to catch up to mysterious cyclist, Oliver heads to the Starling City Hospital to check on his poor, injured mother.

The episode also introduces us to a new supporting character that is sure to mix things up in a big way: Helena Bertinelli (a.k.a. Huntress). Born the daughter of Frank Bertinelli (a high-profile mafia boss), Helena and Oliver reluctantly share a dinner together discovering that they have way more in common than meets the eye. They even share a very similarly warped sense of justice.

Stuck at home due to a minor concussion, Thea is tasked with watching a recovering Moira as Oliver gets his frustration out on a few punching bags back at the ol' Arrowcave. Diggle suggests Oliver take a day off from training, to which Oliver replies that he's going to confront Frank Bertinelli about the motorcycle assassin who killed one of his men and nearly killed Moira.

At the Bertinelli residence, Oliver speaks with Frank Bertinelli about the New Applied Sciences division of Queen Consolidated in an attempt to find out more about the mysterious cyclist. Frank, who gets called away on business, sets Oliver up on a dinner date with his daughter, Helena, who calls Oliver the "rich man's Lindsay Lohan." This, of course, completely offends him.

During dinner, Helena asks Oliver all about his time on the island and whether or not he misses the freedom of being isolated from the rest of society. Oliver answers Helena's questions surprisingly truthfully, making Helena the first person to meet the real Oliver Queen right off the bat. Eventually, Diggle calls Oliver away on "business." Before running out, Oliver confesses to Helena that he actually had a nice time with her. Helena feels the same.

On the other side of town, Tommy and Laurel eat Indian food that is way too spicy for Tommy to handle. After attempting to pay for their meal, Tommy's credit cards are declined and subsequently confiscated. The following day, Tommy pays his father (who we find out is the evil Well Dressed Man) a visit asking him about his bank accounts. Tommy's father explains that he has officially cut his son off from every part of the family fortune.

Meanwhile, Diggle sends a hooded Oliver to prevent a mafia hit on a couple of innocent restaurant owners. During the fight with Nick Solvate and his men, the Hood is joined by the mysterious motorcycle assassin, who Oliver later discovers to be Helena. He follows her to a graveyard where he finds her looming over her dead fiance's tombstone. Helena explains to Oliver that her father had him murdered, which is why she's systematically killing off his best men. Right on cue, Nick Solvate and his other men show up in an unmarked van, kidnapping both Oliver and Helena.

During the ensuing interrogation, we learn that Helena has been talking to the F.B.I. about her father's crime family and all of their illicit activities because she thinks that her father is a monster. With a gun pointed to Helena's chest, Oliver decides to break free of his restraints and beat up the surrounding mafia thugs. Helena takes this opportunity to break free as well, helping Oliver in the fight. Oliver watches as Helena kills Nick Solvate, who had just admitted to shooting Helena's fiance.

Tommy shows up at Laurel's house once more, confessing that his trust fund has been taken away from him and that he is going to lose his apartment in a month. Laurel proceeds to offer him some frozen pizza. Back at the Queen residence, Moira is visited by Walter who has decided that he loves his wife (despite all of her lies and secret dealings with the Well Dressed Man).

After a brief conversation with Thea, Oliver pays Helena a surprise visit. Helena reveals that she figured out that he was the hooded vigilante after the fight the previous night. Also, she saw his eyes. They have a slight argument over the difference between justice and revenge, but this is quickly resolved by the two of them confessing their feelings for one another and making out.

If you thought Helena Bertinelli was badass in last night's episode, just wait until she makes her debut as the Huntress. I, for one, am super glad that they stuck to Helena's comic book origin somewhat in that she was raised the daughter of a prominent mafia boss. I'm also glad that she's going to be a recurring character on the series, as opposed to all of the other DC comic cameos this season (with the exception of China White). Clearly, Oliver plans on taking Helena under his wing (or hood) and preparing her for her quest for justice. With that said, words cannot express how excited I am for next week's episode.

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