Hugh Jackman In Talks For 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'


Well then, bub. Looks like it's officially on.

The best there is at what he does (though be warned, what he does isn't very nice) is returning to the larger "X-Men" universe. That's right — Hugh Jackman is officially in negotiations for "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Jackman is in talks to reteam with Bryan Singer for the director's new "X-Men" movie. That makes him the third original X-Man to sign on for the flick, following Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen's announced return.

"Days of Future Past" gets its title from a popular time-bending X-Men comic book arc written by Chris Claremont, one that involves a huge role for Logan. It was always hoped that Jackman would get involved to lend the project some more credibility, but it was far from a sure thing. Now, between "The Wolverine" and "Days of Future Past," it's clear Jackman is far from finished with his days of mutant mayhem.

So, that's Wolverine on board... but there are six more names on our list of hopeful X-Men returnees to consider. What are you waiting for, Singer? Get cracking on more casting!

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