Joseph Gordon-Levitt And 'Justice League': Nine Different Opinions

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining the Justice League? That's the word according to one rumor, though JGL's reps have denied the report. Still, we can't help but wonder at the possibility of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's "Justice League" adaptation casting the "Dark Knight Rises" actor as Batman.

Specifically, we keep coming back to one question: is this a good idea, or a bad idea?

To get to the bottom of whether or not JGL and "Justice League" are a good fit, we asked our friends from around the web for their take.

Read on for nine different opinions on the Gordon-Levitt "Justice League" rumors!

Jeremy Gordon, This Mutant Life columnist: "Sure. Why not? JGL is tall, dark and handsome, and has the acting chops of few others in his generation. It's all conditional, though, on whether the team for 'Justice League' and the Bat-franchise going forth will be worth any sort of damn, as JGL's been careful to surround himself with top talent for his entire career ('G.I. Joe' aside). As he holds all of the leverage, why jeopardize that and get stuck with a Snyder? Better open up the check book and get a quality director, Warner Bros."

Kevin Polowy, Next Movie managing editor: "I'm conflicted on this one. On one hand JGL is a dynamite actor and a dynamite guy, and with 'Looper' he really proved that he has more grit to him and more of a knack for action than I think people realized. He's one of the most beloved and capable young actors in the biz right now. But at the same time, he doesn't seem quite right for the cape. Yes, I know, Bruce Wayne, 'anyone can be Batman.' But he still seems too featherweight, physically anyway, to take on role that requires some serious physical intimidation factor."

Brian Truitt, USA Today entertainment writer: "If JGL was playing Nightwing in a 'Justice League' flick I would be all for it. Playing Batman? As a movie fan I like the thought of it because he is an exceptional actor, but as a comic nerd, I don't know if I'm thrilled about somebody other than Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson under the cowl — especially without a solo movie to really flesh him out. Then again, we had George Clooney as Bats so JGL would not be the worst thing ever."

Valerie Gallaher, MTV Geek news editor: "I'm all for JGL being in the new 'Justice League' movie because he's really cute, everybody likes him, and he's really cute."

Josh Wilding, Comic Book Movie junior editor: "I'm not totally against the idea! Admittedly, it doesn't seem right to not have Bruce Wayne behind the cowl and as a member of the League, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a phenomenal actor and it would be great to see his story continue... if Christopher Nolan is somehow involved!"

Ryan Rigley, Assembling Avengers columnist: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not Batman and should not be portraying Batman in the 'Justice League' movie. First of all, there is absolutely no way that Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy should exist within the same universe as the Justice League. It goes against everything that the Nolan-verse stands for! Secondly, he doesn't look the part. JGL would be a good Robin and eventually a good Nightwing, sure. But the Dark Knight himself? I find that pill rather hard to swallow."

Kevin P. Sullivan, MTV Movies Blog editor: "Assuming that JGL's role in a 'Justice League' movie is inevitable at this point, I take solace in the fact that one of our best working actors will be donning the cowl. If you completely separate him from the fanboy sanctity of Nolan's trilogy, Gordon-Levitt is one of the best actors for the role, whose name isn't 'Christian Bale,' that is."

Steve Sunu, Comic Book Resources reviews editor: "Joseph Gordon-Levitt is easily one of my favorite actors in the business today and I'd actually love to see his take on the Dark Knight, with one caveat: he can't play John Blake. Give Nolan's trilogy its self-containment and let Gordon-Levitt get his chance to take on billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. Everyone wins."

Josh Wigler, MTV Splash Page editor: "I'm in, mostly because I'm now imagining the plot of 'Justice League' centering on Blake-Batman assembling a group of superheroes to go find Bruce Wayne and pull him out of retirement to battle some crazy world-ending threat. Trust me, guys: the 'Justice League' movie in my head is really cool."

Do you like JGL as the "Justice League" Batman, or is it the wrong call? Tell us in the comments section below or let us know on Twitter!