John Barrowman's 'Arrow' Character About To Be Revealed


You can stop referring to John Barrowman as The Well-Dressed Man, "Arrow" fans — or you'll be able to pretty soon, at least, as the curtain is about to be lifted on the character's true identity.

"In this week’s episode, 'Muse of Fire,' we’re going to reveal John Barrowman’s identity," said "Arrow" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg in an interview with TV Line. "And we’re really excited because we feel like when people know that, the rest of the season is going to come into sharper focus."

Barrowman's agenda will remain under wraps for a few more episodes to come, however.

"His agenda – or part of it — will be revealed in a few episodes," said Kreisberg. "We love shows like this, as viewers, but we also know how we ourselves can get quickly frustrated with shows that ask a lot of questions but don’t provide a lot of answers. So, we’ve endeavored to pause at questions, then give answers and then ask new ones. Our goal really is to make the audience feel like they’ve gotten a complete meal but they’re still hungry for more."

Read the full interview for much more on the future of "Arrow," including teases of tonight's Huntress-centric hour and the upcoming Christmas-themed episode.

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