Seven X-Men Bryan Singer Should Bring Back

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" will combine new mutants with old ones, as Bryan Singer has officially announced the return of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to the Marvel franchise. And that's not all: Singer teased that there's "more to come" as far as big casting news is concerned.


Clearly, it's not just the returning "First Class" players like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender that Singer is bringing into the fold. He's looking into his own "X-Men" past for some new (old?) recruits. Assuming that Stewart and McKellen aren't the last of the old "X-Men" guard to be asked back, then, we're left to wonder… who else from the original trilogy deserves a spot on the "Days of Future Past" roster? Read on to see our list!

FIRST: The Best There Is At What He Does


1. Wolverine

You can do "Days of Future Past" without Wolverine, but I don't think you should, not when Hugh Jackman is still this interested in the character, and not when a very different version of the character presents itself. With Mark Millar on board as Fox's Marvel consultant, and with "Days of Future Past" comics presenting an older version of the fast-healing mutant, now is as good a time as any to dive into some Old Man Logan territory. The only concern is Jackman hogging the spotlight from McAvoy, Fassbender and others; but given Singer's expertise in handling ensembles — and the fact that we're living in a post-"Avengers" world where everyone's looking to Marvel Studios for how to do team-ups — I'm not too worried about other X-Men getting lost in "The Wolverine Show."

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2. Kitty Pryde

Not technically from Singer's time, but let's allow it anyway. Like Wolverine, Shadowcat plays an instrumental role in the "Days of Future Past" comics the movie gets its title from. You can bank on there being major deviations between the source material and the final film, but it's hard to imagine this iconic story without this iconic character at its heart. Arguments have been made for Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique taking over the Kitty Pryde role, and it's not the worst idea in the world — but when an actress with Ellen Page's pedigree is an option, why not bring her back into the fold and move closer towards the original material? Win-win for everybody!

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3. Beast | 4. Mystique

One of the big surprises coming out of "First Class" was the love story between Hank McCoy and Raven Darkholme, better known as super-scientist Beast and shape-shifter Mystique. Though they wound up on opposite sides of the war in the end, one imagines that their story is far from over, given that both Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are officially back for "Days of Future Past." And since they're going to be front and center, why not bring back Kelsey Grammer and Rebecca Romijn to gift their younger selves with some much needed wisdom?

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5. Cyclops | 6. Jean Grey

I love James Marsden and I love Cyclops. I hate how Marsden's Cyke was portrayed in the "X-Men" films, especially the way he was sent off. "Days of Future Past" presents an opportunity to retcon a sh---y ending for one of the most iconic Children of the Atom; give Marsden the material his talent deserves, and I promise you, fans will get the Cyclops they've always wanted to see. Story-wise, there's the Havoc-connection already in place, so there are certainly reasons to have the X-Men field leader back in the mix.

Bonus: Jean Grey. She's dead and that's fine but Famke Janssen is awesome and that's enough to warrant at least a cameo, says I! (And it seems like others agree.)

LAST: You Gotta Have Faith


7. Nightcrawler

How lame was it that after such a strong impression in "X2," Nightcrawler wasn't even in "X-Men: The Last Stand" for a minute? (Answer: so lame.) Alan Cumming did a great job playing the teleporting mutant. At 47, though, perhaps the actor has aged out of the stunts playing Kurt Wagner requires. No matter: introduce a younger version of Kurt for the "First Class" kids to meet. Continuity seems to be colliding in "Days of Future Past," so there would surely be ways to make this work while still staying true to Nightcrawler's debut in "X2." However it happens, Kurt was one of the best characters ever presented in Singer's "X-Men" era, and it would be fantastic to see him again in any way, shape or form.

Which "X-Men" would you like to see return from the old Bryan Singer era? Sound off in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!