Marion Cotillard 'Rises' Up To Her 'Dark Knight' Lies

Warning: "Dark Knight Rises" spoilers ahead!

Marion Cotillard can keep a secret. Heck, she can lie three times in thirty seconds, right to your face, without a problem. But the past always comes back to haunt you, as the Oscar winner learned when she sat down with MTV News to discuss her new movie, "Rust and Bone."

A year ago — well before the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" — we spoke with Cotillard and asked her how much research she had to do ahead of the Christopher Nolan comic book film. She responded by saying her character wasn't from the comics, that her character was a good person, and that she totally wasn't lying.

She totally was, of course — and she totally knows it.

When we caught up with Cotillard this week, we replayed the interview for her, and she remembered all-too-well lying in our faces about the great Talia al Ghul reveal.

"I totally remember," she laughed. "I knew one day I would have to face you. It was at the 'Contagion' premiere, wasn't it? I know. I totally remember. In my head I was like, 'Some day you will meet that guy again.'"

Joking aside, Cotillard's lies were in the name of a nobler pursuit: maintaining the shroud of secrecy over one of the most important twists in "Rises." But it almost wasn't Cotillard's secret to keep. The French actress said that she very nearly missed out on "Rises" because her "personal life was very, very busy" at the time. But Nolan was determined to reteam with the "Inception" femme fatale on his Batman swan song, and room was made to accommodate Cotillard's off-screen life.

"He made it work and I was so happy, because I love working with him," she said of Nolan. "He directs these big-scale, huge movies, but at the same time he's a real artist. He's an author. He's like an independent filmmaker directing huge movies, which is very inspiring. He's at every step of the process of the movie. He really owns the stories he tells."

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