Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Reps Call 'Justice League' Rumors 'Entirely False'

John Blake

John Blake's new career as Gotham's Caped Crusader might be over before it ever even started.

Just hours after rumors emerged that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be moving on from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy to a role in Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's planned "Justice League" adaptation, comes word from the "Dark Knight Rises" star's reps that he won't be involved after all.

Both and have reportedly heard back from Gordon-Levitt's camp, and both report that they received firm denials of the original HitFix story. According to that first report, JGL would continue on with the DC Universe for "Justice League" — and possibly even earlier that, as early as "Man of Steel," perhaps.

So, is the big, fat Batman rumor dead? It sure looks that way for now, but who really knows — the future of DC Comics on film is so murky that it's difficult to tell what's actually going on. Whether or not JGL's involvement with "Justice League" and the rest of the DCU is officially over, we expect we'll be hearing more and more about these rumors until an official "Justice League" casting announcement gets made, one way or the other.

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