Don Cheadle Is 'Captain Planet' Again, But Still Not Really

Captain Planet

Captain Planet is back, but it's debatable whether he's better than ever.

Don Cheadle's epic take on "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" first graced our lives last year, and we haven't been the same ever since. But as it quickly became clear in Cheadle's first Funny or Die skit, this wasn't Captain Planet as we best remembered him.

Well, Cheadle has shot a sequel to his first video, and Earth hasn't fared too well in the time since we last saw it. Check out the skit after the jump, and find out why one newscaster now calls Captain Planet the Earth's "cruel overlord."

(Warning: some NSFW language ahead.)

It turns out that Cheadle's Captain Planet has been corrupted by his power since we last checked in with him, and now he has no issues turning a man into broccoli just for putting a plastic water bottle in the trash instead of recycling. "He used to be known for saving the planet, but now the planet fears him," the newscaster intones, and it's clear to see why. The world as we know it is quickly going green, which is something we never thought would be a bad thing, but clearly is here.

"Trees are still my jam," Captain Planet says in a monologue. "The power is mine, and my burden to bear. My blessing, my curse."

At least he's making the world a better place sort of, right? This time around there's a clear promise of a "Captain Planet 3," and we still can't help hoping that the next installment of this epic live action saga makes its way to the big screen.

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