Dane DeHaan Responds To 'Spider-Man' Rumors

Dane DeHaan

Just who is going to play Harry Osborn in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"? With the actors for Mary Jane Watson and Electro chosen, the search is on for the man to portray the son of Norman Osborn.

One of the names put forth is Dane DeHaan, the actor who broke onto the Hollywood scene earlier this year in "Chronicle" and has continued to impress in movies like "Lawless" and "Lincoln." Crave Online recently had the chance to chat with DeHaan and asked him about the reports that claim he is being talked to about taking the role of Harry in the new movie. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

“You know, I would love to be in Spider-Man," DeHaan answered. "I have a lot of respect for Andrew Garfield as a person and an artist and a lot of respect for Marc Webb as a person and an artist. If that opportunity were to come along, I would be really flattered and humbled to be a part of it. But that’s about it for now I guess.”

That's as much as DeHaan was willing to give. When asked whether or not he'd auditioned for the role yet, DeHaan didn't give a direct answer.

"Well, I know there’s a lot of names being tossed around and rumors and stuff, but again, it’s a project I would love to do and if the opportunity would come along and the offer would come along, I would love to do it," he said. "Until then, I don't think it’s worth speculating or creating rumors.”

The short list of actors being eyed for the role of Harry Osborn seems to grow longer instead of shorter the more time passes. In addition to DeHaan, Brady Corbet, Alden Ehrenreich, Sam Claflin, Eddie Redmayne, Boyd Holbrook and Douglas Booth are all being considered for the part of Peter Parker's best friend.

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