'Avengers' Vs. 'Rise Of The Guardians': Who Wins?

The Avengers won't have to worry about the Justice League assembling on the big-screen for another few years, but they do have some present competition to worry about: the Guardians, a group of legendary heroes consisting of Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman and Jack Frost.

Frost and the gang take center stage today with the release of "Rise of the Guardians," and the question will inevitably come up: which group of heroes would beat the other, Earth's mightiest or Earth's most legendary?

Unsurprisingly, the "Guardians" cast and crew voted firmly in their own favor.

"No contest: we'd wipe them off the map," director Peter Ramsey tells MTV News. "We're the original superheroes. We were here first. Iron Man and Captain America — they probably believe in these guys anyway. They'd be awestruck by Santa Claus."

"First of all, we're mythical and magical characters with all these skills," adds Isla Fisher, who plays the Tooth Fairy. "And secondly? We're just a way better movie."

We have a strong suspicion that some of you guys are going to disagree with those comments. Let us know who you think would win in a brawl for it all — the Avengers or the Guardians — in the comments below or on Twitter!