Chad Coleman Joins 'Walking Dead,' Lennie James Rumored For Return As Morgan

Chad Coleman

"Walking Dead" season three is continuing to pull out all of the stops, as a fan-favorite character from Robert Kirkman's comic books has been confirmed for an upcoming appearance.

TVLine confirms that "The Wire" actor Chad Coleman has been cast as Tyreese, the former professional football player now putting his athletic build to good use against the legions of undead plaguing the world.

In the comics, Tyreese is one of Rick's closest friends and confidants. He also has complicated connections to sword-slinging Michonne and an unhinged Carol.

The TVLine report credits TV Overmind with scooping the news about Coleman's casting first; they add that the actor's first appearance is rumored for the season's eighth episode.

Lennie James

But there's no confirmation on this other juicy detail from TV Overmind's report: that Lennie James will return to "Walking Dead" later this season as Morgan. We haven't seen or heard from Morgan at all since his riveting role in the show's pilot episode, but as fans of the comics know, his story doesn't end there.

It's rumored that Morgan won't be a part of the impending conflict between Rick and the Governor, however; he would appear much later in the season, physically distant from the battle between Woodbury and the prison.

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