'Alter Egos' Red Band Clip: When Superheroes Cheat And Get Outed

If Clark Kent is dating Lois Lane, and Lois sleeps with Superman… is it cheating?

That's the kind of question that's on the mind of secret superhero Brendan in "Alter Egos," the Kevin Smith and Phase 4 Films-produced superhero comedy currently in limited theatrical release and hitting VOD today (November 20).

Brendan has a secret: by day he's an ordinary civilian, but by night he's Fridge, a superhero who can shoot ice out of his hands. When his girlfriend Emily sleeps with Fridge, Brendan has a meltdown, despite the fact that he and Fridge are the same person — a fact that hasn't gone over Emily's head.

Check out the "Alter Egos" confrontation in the exclusive NSFW red-band clip above.