We're Thankful For 'Avengers' Star Chris Hemsworth

As Thanksgiving approaches, MTV News is celebrating the holiday festivities with Thankful Week, our weeklong tribute to the movies and stars of 2012 we're thankful for. Clearly, "Marvel's The Avengers" is right at the top of the list for being the third highest-grossing movie of all time; money aside, it was just a hell of a ride, and far from a sure thing.

Chris Hemsworth served as our "Avengers" ambassador for Thankful Week, and he agreed with us that the success of "Avengers" wasn't always a foregone conclusion.


"There was a lot of uncertainty, because there is no sure formula to it. This was so big and there were so many elements and so much green screen," said the actor. "It was hard to grasp exactly what this was and what it was going to be."

Get much more from Hemsworth on "The Avengers," his work on "Thor: The Dark World," and everything else he has coming up — including a hopeful run at "Star Wars" — in our exclusive interview.