'Watchmen Collector's Edition' Leaves It All Out On The Field, Zack Snyder Says


For those of you who’d like to get an early jump on your holiday shopping and are looking for the perfect gift for the comic book movie fan in your life, look no further than the recently released “Watchmen Collector’s Edition" Blu-ray. In addition to its extra-neat packaging and lenticular cover, this new collection includes "Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut," which is Zack Snyder's director's cut with "Tales of the Black Freighter" interspersed, basically all of Alan Moore's groundbreaking work in a three-and-a-half-hour feature film.

Yes, we know that "Watchmen" has already arrived on DVD and Blu-ray before. So what makes this release so special? We'll let Snyder tell you himself.

"I love the movie. Whenever they want to do another version of 'Watchmen' I'm like, 'Yes, please,'" he told MTV News. "It's one of those movies when we talk about it, the more and more that superhero movies exist within our popular culture and the way they exist, the more we rely on that mythology and the more relevant that movie is."

The "Collector's Edition" includes a copy of the original graphic novel and takes a deep dive into Moore's mythology via two hours of previously unreleased bonus material which Snyder said really gets under the hood of the story's gravitas and symbolism.

"There is so much supplemental material in the graphic novel that we just couldn't even get to it [in the movie] so this starts to touch it a little bit," he said. "One thing that is really cool about the supplemental material for people who haven't read the graphic novel, it's a way to understand the density and symbolism in the movie," he explained. "Which was all done by design, every prop, every camera angle. It's a very aesthetic-driven motion picture, so I think the bonus material to me allows people to understand one level of the insanity we went to to get it [right]."

So in thinking about that insanity, does it prevent Snyder from re-watching the film?

"I don't watch it enough," he admitted. "I just refreshed my memory of it when I knew that [the 'Collector's Edition'] was coming out and I'm super proud of the movie. It's even more fun for me now because at the time it was a bit of a struggle with the studio. The way it's designed, it's not commercial at all, it's an art movie with superheroes in it. It's a genre-busting movie and I like that they keep releasing it because all those people it catches off guard I'm excited about. They think 'Oh another superhero movie, whatever' and then they watch it and go, 'Holy sh--, this is something else.'"

And as much as the "Man of Steel" director enjoys and appreciates these re-releases, don't expect any other home entertainment versions of "Watchmen" after this one.

"I honestly think that it's all out there now," he said. "Other than the IMAX version, but I don't know how you release that."