'The Dark Knight' Gets Schooled At 'Gotham High'

Gotham High

When it comes to the rouges' gallery of Gotham, it's difficult to imagine them as anything other than fully formed adults. But considering that they're all roughly the same age, it stands to reason that some of them knew each other growing up or even went to high school together.

Or they all went to high school together.

This is how a new fan-made trailer for "Gotham High" sees things going. The clip, which comes from the folks over at Movie Clips Trailers, features many of the characters from Nolan's Batman universe (and the actors who played them) as teenagers.

The result is a convincing preview that mashes up teen movies like "10 Things I Hate About You," "The Breakfast Club," and, best of all, "Powder."

Check out the video (via Blastr) after the jump!

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