by Ryan Rigley

Never heard of the Sentry before? Well, that's not surprising. After all, he had any and all memories of himself wiped from the planet decades ago.

In many ways, Robert Reynolds is Marvel's answer to Superman, and has been seen as a controversial character within the Marvel comic book universe for quite some time now. What makes Robert so vastly different from Clark Kent is that in addition to being the world's most powerful superhero, he's also a dangerous schizophrenic with a severe case of multiple personality disorder. Yet, despite all of this, the Sentry has proved himself to be an invaluable component of both the Avengers and the New Avengers.

So what would it look like if Sentry appeared in Earth's Mightiest Sequel? Click past the jump to find out our take!


A middle-aged, overweight drug abuser, Bob Reynolds originally gains his superpowers after ingesting an experimental formula that he believes to be narcotics. Though created somewhat recently, the Sentry (in the comic book universe) has supposedly been around since the Silver Age having erased everyone's memories of him in order to erase his arch-nemesis, the Void, from existence.

Eventually, Bob remembers his true identity as the Sentry; a superhero with powers equivalent to one million exploding suns. Realizing that the Void is also making its return, Bob seeks out his former allies (Spider-Man, Reed Richards, and the Hulk) in an attempt to warn them and figure out why nobody remembers the Sentry. However, he soon discovers that the Sentry and the Void are two halves of the same torn psyche with Bob Reynolds suffering from an extreme case of multiple personality disorder.


Obviously, the Sentry would be an immensely helpful addition to the team what with his near invulnerability and wide array of superpowers. But let's not forget that demonic entity hidden deep inside of him! One of the key team dynamics in play during Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" is their initial lack of trust, with Loki mind-controlling Hawkeye and allowing himself to be captured in order to set the Hulk free.

Clearly, the team will be a lot less conflicted when "The Avengers 2" comes around; being that Loki no longer poses a threat to them and that they've already saved the world together once before. However, adding the Sentry to the team would recreate those feelings of mistrust that were so prominently featured in the first film making "The Avengers 2" equally, if not more interesting than its predecessor. Will the Sentry help Earth's Mightiest Heroes defeat Thanos? Or will he prove more dangerous than the Mad Titan could ever hope to be?


In the comics, the Sentry joins the New Avengers after a massive breakout at the Raft (a maximum security prison in which he voluntarily committed himself) lets loose hundreds of the most dangerous supercriminals upon New York City. With that said, maybe we could get an introduction to Bob Reynolds at some point during Joss Whedon's "S.H.I.E.L.D." series; going into his backstory and how he ended up at the Raft in the first place. That way, when he's broken out at the beginning of "The Avengers 2," audiences will already be aware of who he is and how much of a threat he is to himself and those around him.

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