'Walking Dead' Set To Introduce Fan-Favorite Character


Rick Grimes could really use a friend right about now. And it looks like that's exactly what the doctors behind "The Walking Dead" have ordered.

A fan-favorite character from Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" comic books is about to be introduced on the AMC TV adaptation, reports EW. The character will debut during the fall finale on December 2, and while his/her identity has not been officially revealed, it's strongly believed that the role in question is former football player turned expert zombie killer Tyreese.

In the comics, Tyreese comes to Rick and his gang at a critical moment in their development. Shane has just died, the survivors are without a home and low on muscle. As a professional football player pre-apocalypse, Tyreese brings plenty of the latter. He also becomes a close confidant of Rick's, helping him navigate their physically and morally deadly landscape time and time again. That's not to say the two aren't without their fair share of disagreements, either, but that's okay; Rick isn't the only person in the comics that Tyreese has to rely on. He's also very close with Carol and Michonne.

Chad Coleman

While Tyreese isn't confirmed as the character in question, EW reports that "The Wire" actor Chad Coleman has been spotted in Atlanta where the show films. Coleman is not just a dead ringer for Tyreese, but a phenomenal actor. In fact, he was one of our top picks for the part in our casting call two years ago. Maybe someone was listening to us!

Whoever plays the character, if the rumors of Tyreese joining the show prove true, then an already incredible season of "Walking Dead" is about to get even better.

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