'Arrow' Preview: Royal Flush Gang Takes 'The Town'

Royal Flush Gang

Although we're still getting acquainted with the CW's "Arrow," its cast and crew have impressed us enough with their storytelling thus far that we are very optimistic about the future of the show and the seemingly endless possibilities for exciting nods, cameos or full-fledged inclusions of our favorite DC characters. One of those introductions goes down in tonight's episode "Legacies," in which we're introduced to the infamous Royal Flush Gang.

How dastardly will these guys be for Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow? MTV News caught up with star Katie Cassidy recently to find out.

"It's so good. Oh my gosh, this episode is so cool," Cassidy gushed when we asked her about the upcoming ep. "This is when I realized while we were shooting, I read the script and felt like I just read some gigantic blockbuster. It's so nuts and so well done. I saw it and was like, 'Oh, thank God.' Reading it I wondered, 'How do you pull this off in a nine-day shoot?' We've figured it out, the actors: they shoot most of the action scenes in five days, and the acting in two, all the character work in two [days]."

Cassidy went on to say that one of the things she most enjoys about being a part of the production are its feature film-level action sequences.

"It's a huge production. It's one of my favorite episodes," she said of "Legacies." "[Episodes] four, five and six are my favorite episodes. They're so well done and smart."

But what about that Royal Flush Gang? What's exciting or intimidating about this villainous bunch?

"They do the whole masked bank robbery thing. It reminds me of 'The Town.' It's crazy," she said. "It's so good."

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