'Arrow' Recruits 'Fringe' Actor For Major Villain Role

Seth Gabel

Sad that Seth Gabel isn't on "Fringe" anymore? Never fear: the erstwhile Lincoln Lee will hop universes once again, this time heading to Starling City — as a villain, no less!

Gabel has been cast on "Arrow" as Oliver Queen's newest nemesis, TV Line reports. He'll play a version of Count Vertigo, the Vlatavan villain well known to DC Comics fans, but with a few notable twists. For one, he won't be called Vertigo; he'll have a different name, and a "Christopher Nolan-esque vibe."

Vertigo will still be around, however, as the name of a deadly drug that the villain is peddling in Starling City. It's presumed that the drug will have much in common with Vertigo's powers in the comics: the ability to disorient and unbalance his victims.

We won't see Gabel's take on Vertigo until early 2013, but even with his debut far off, we know this: he's considered to be "Oliver's deadliest adversary to date." Sounds dangerous!

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