'Walking Dead': Danai Gurira Uncages Michonne

Walking Dead

More than anyone else, Michonne stands out in the "Walking Dead" cast. Do you see anybody else running around cleaving zombies in half with a massive samurai sword? Didn't think so!

Danai Gurira is the actress responsible for bringing one of the most beloved characters from the "Walking Dead" comic books to life, and by all accounts, she's doing a hell of a job. One of the reasons she's so well-suited for the role, according to Gurira herself, is that she already knew the character well before she landed the part.

"When I read the part, I really was like, 'I know this chick!'" she told Vulture during a recent interview. "She struck me as a complex woman who reminds me of a lot of women I know, myself included in some ways. Very tough, very strong, they don’t tolerate a lot of BS, they’re not people-pleasers. A lot of women I know, if they were to end up in an apocalypse, I don’t know that they’d be that different from Michonne."

Though she doesn't think of Michonne as an action hero, even Gurira had to admit it was fun to tear into a small army of zombies on the latest episode of "Walking Dead," titled "Say the Word."

"That was a lot of fun," she said. "She’s been caged in, you know? The men in this town took away her sword and what she enjoys doing, which is feeling powerful. So to be able to get out there and do her thing again is very exhilarating. It’s like taking her power back. Getting to do some slaying, getting to be menacing, kicking up some mischief in this Stepford town, it’s all really great for her and for me."

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