Five Characters For Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Heaven Sent’

by Ryan Rigley

As if Guillermo del Toro isn’t already busy enough, the critically adored filmmaker is rumored to be in the mix for “Heaven Sent,” a movie that would take the best supernatural characters from DC Comics lore and put them in one adventure, not unlike the “Justice League Dark” comic books.

Del Toro himself has expressed his hopes to make such a movie, though nothing is official just yet. Still, while we’re waiting to see if “Heaven Sent” comes to pass, now’s as good a time as any to look at some of the DC Comics heroes who might find their way into the film.

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Swamp Thing
Arguably the most recognizable of the DC supernatural characters, Swamp Thing was originally a man named Alex Olsen who was transformed into a vegetable-like creature after being caught in a huge lab explosion. Years later, Alan Moore would recreate the Swamp Thing as an elemental entity of the swamp and also grant him the ability to speak. Guillermo del Toro has already expressed great interest in the character, so we don’t see why he wouldn’t be included in the film.

Currently a full-time member of Justice League Dark, Boston Brand is a former circus trapeze artist turned ghost superhero. After being murdered by a mysterious assailant called the Hook, Boston Brand is given the power to possess any and all living beings by the goddess Rama Kushna. Now, Deadman spends his days jumping from one living host to the next with the hopes of finding his murderer and procuring the justice that he so rightfully deserves.

Also currently a member of Justice League Dark, Zatanna Zatara is both a stage magician and a real magician as was her father Giovanni Zatara. Her mother, Sindella, was a member of the mystical Homo magi race (magic-wielding humans) which would account for Zatanna’s sorceress-level abilities. Typically, Zatanna will cast a spell by speaking verbal commands in reverse or, in dire circumstances, writing them out with her own blood.

After failing to learn the demon’s secrets, Merlin binds Etrigan to Jason Blood (one of King Arthur’s knights) rendering him immortal. By reciting the chant “Gone, gone, the form of man, rise the demon Etrigan,” Jason is able to transform himself into the demon at will. Despite his evil nature, Etrigan is most often used for good with his human host, Jason, eventually becoming Gotham City’s most prominent demonologist.

John Constantine
First appearing within the pages of Alan Moore’s “Swamp Thing,” John Constantine is an occult detective known for his endless cynicism and constant chain-smoking. At one point, Constantine was deemed “The Most Powerful Magician in the World” even though he rarely utilizes his magical abilities (unless he absolutely has to). Constantine is one of the few people to know all of the routes into Heaven, Hell, and the afterlife. He’s also had sex with a succubus.