Original 'X-Men' Costume Designer Returns For 'Days Of Future Past,' And We're Worried


It really is a case of "out with the old and in with the old" in the "X-Men" movie universe, as the costume designer behind the first two X-films (as well as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"), Louise Mingenbach, is coming back for Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

So... am I the only one feeling a little bit worried?

Look, I'm as excited as anyone to see the old gang getting back together — especially if that means returns from Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen and the like. But black leather is not on the list of things I miss about the old "X-Men" movies.

Take a look at the costumes of old…


…versus the costumes of "First Class," designed by Sammy Sheldon.

First Class

The blue-and-gold uniforms of "First Class" aren't perfect, but they're closer to what we're used to in the "X-Men" comic books. Beyond that, the black leather of "X-Men" movies past just looks dated. They worked just fine back in 2000 and 2003, but look at the superhero movie landscape of today: costume designers have been able to fix Batman's immobile cowl…


…and make Captain America's costume look cool and functional.

Captain America

Is it too much to ask, then, that we get X-Men costumes that look more like this?


Or, if we're feeling really ambitious, this?


If Fox wants to follow Marvel's lead as they approach the future of the "X-Men" films — and I believe they do — then they need to take a hard look at everything that Marvel Studios is doing, costumes included. Bringing back leather costumes because the tiger-stripe uniform isn't realistic enough… that argument doesn't really hold water anymore.

As ComicBookMovie.com junior editor Josh Wilding pointed out to me on Twitter:


I'm very excited about "Days of Future Past," and I'm happy to give Singer the benefit of the doubt. But I sincerely hope he's more focused on the "future" of the franchise, and less on his own "past" — costumes included. Here's hoping that I'm all worked up over nothing.

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