'Walking Dead' Star Warns: 'Body Count Is Not Done'

Walking Dead

Thought the past few episodes of "Walking Dead" were stressful? You haven't seen anything yet.

Say what you will about the new season of the AMC zombie drama, but you can't say that it's been uneventful. "Walking Dead" has hit the ground running this year with major character deaths occurring only four episodes in, much earlier than anyone could have anticipated. And to hear star Lauren Cohan tell it, the bloodshed is far from over.

"The body count is not done,” the actress behind Maggie Greene tells Entertainment Weekly. “That’s pretty much all I can say, but we’re not just going to see death. There’s going to be a whole host of challenges now that we’ve got the human threat. Woodbury is up to no good. The Governor is up to no good; it’s really scary. We’ve got some scary stuff ahead.”

Speaking of Woodbury, Cohan teased that her character "plays a big part in that," leaving us more than a little bit concerned — after all, Maggie has a modest role in the Woodbury arc in the comics, but the show has demonstrated its willingness to deviate from source material on numerous occasions. We're very afraid of how close to the gory details she might get.

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