'Walking Dead' Puts Michonne And Andrea At Odds

Walking Dead

Michonne and Andrea are one of the most fearsome twosomes lurking around the zombie apocalypse. They survived a horrible winter with nothing but each other and a pair of harmless walkers as camouflage, proving that two strong-willed and highly capable individuals are more than equipped to fend off the legions of undead roaming the earth.

But the two have seen happier times, as their arrival at Woodbury has put their friendship to the test. The latest episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Say the Word," brought their conflicting philosophies on the new community to a head.

(Spoilers below.)

Michonne finally got her wish and left Woodbury, but it was without Andrea in tow. The blonde-haired sharpshooter decided to stick with the good thing they stumbled upon, while Michonne's mistrust for the Governor and his cronies pushed her out the door for good. Their parting wasn't exactly amicable, either, as Michonne snarled at Andrea on her way out: "You'd just slow me down."

But is that all she wrote on the blossoming friendship of Andrea and Michonne? When we spoke with actress Laurie Holden and Danai Gurira at the "Walking Dead" junket earlier this year, both stars were very keen on the relationship between these two characters.

"Michonne has been a loner for a long time, but she sees something in the spirit of Andrea she respects, something she connects to," said Gurira. "That connection allows them to really trust each other. They can respect each other's decisions on things and instincts on things. "

See more of their thoughts on Andrea and Michonne in the video below.

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