Guillermo Del Toro Hopes 'Heaven Sent' Happens

Guillermo del Toro

We can't imagine anyone rooting against Guillermo del Toro making a DC Comics movie, especially if it involved the publisher's most popular supernatural characters like Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Del Toro can't imagine it either; in fact, he's very much rooting for the movie to happen.

Del Toro recently spoke with our friends at MTV Geek about the "Heaven Sent" rumors that popped up online last week. According to the filmmaker, he's very much interested in pursuing such a movie, though things are far from official at the moment.

Read the director's full quote below:

Guillermo del Toro: When somebody asked me about "Justice League"…I'm not involved in "Justice League." I am discussing…I've been discussing with the fans and I've been very, very open about how much "Swamp Thing" was key when I was a kid. Comics in Mexico came on the first two days of the week. Around Tuesday and Wednesday I would go to the newsstand on my bicycle and I would get "Swamp Thing" every time it was available and I loved Jack Kirby's "Demon". I love Constantine and all that. You know, I've been pursuing doing something with them for many, many years. Hopefully it'll come to pass. But we are still just discussing.

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