'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Shoots In April 2013


Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto's conflicting visions for the future of mutantkind won't come our way until July 2014, but that doesn't mean work isn't already starting on their behalf.

Director Bryan Singer has announced that he's just now beginning full prep on "X-Men: Days of Future Past," his first time directly behind the lens of an X-movie since "X2: X-Men United." What's more, The Geek Files reports that "Days of Future Past" will actually begin shooting in April 2013.

Singer steps in for outgoing director Matthew Vaughn, who reportedly wants to focus on his own comic book adaptation, "The Secret Service." Some reports suggest, however, that Vaughn is actually the lead candidate to direct Disney's new "Star Wars" movie. Mark Millar, Vaughn's frequent collaborator and a creative consultant on Fox's Marvel movies, recently weighed in on his friend's "Star Wars" prospects and said there isn't a "better choice" for the job.

Vaughn's future aside, it's Singer we're concerned with as far as "X-Men" goes. The original visionary behind the mutants' leap to live-action is back, and we're more than a little bit intrigued to see if he still has it after all these years.

What's more, with pre-production entering full swing and shooting just a few short months away, we can expect to hear a whole bunch of exciting news — plot details, casting announcements — over the coming weeks. Stay tuned to Splash Page as we hear more.

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