'Arrow' Adds Count Vertigo As Major New Villain


by Ryan Rigley

So far this season, The CW's "Arrow" has made good on its promise to feature a number of popular DC characters; including the likes of Deadshot, Deathstroke, China White, and even Huntress, who is set to be introduced later this month.

Now, it seems as if Count Werner Vertigo, one of the Green Arrow's most prominent villains in the comic books, is all set to join this ever-expanding list of "Arrow" cameos.

Of course, Count Vertigo's appearance on the series will be drastically different from his comic book counterpart. As we've seen with Deadshot and China White in previous episodes, "Arrow" tends to go for a more realistic approach on supervillains; which means no elaborate supervillain getup or matching cape for Vertigo.

"He will be truly scary and nightmarish," sources tell TVLine about Count Vertigo. "Oliver's deadliest adversary to date."

According to TVLine, Vertigo's appearance on "Arrow" will likely be vastly different from the Vlatavan villain that we see in the comics. In fact, he's even probably getting a different name. However, the name of the episode in which he will be featured is going to be called "Vertigo," appropriately making its strong nod to the show's comic book source material.

"Vertigo," which is set to air sometime early 2013, revolves around a deadly new drug that becomes all the rage in Starling City. With rumors of Count Vertigo's powers (the ability to disorient and unbalance his opponents) remaining intact for the series, we think there's a good chance that this as-of-yet unnamed villain might be directly responsible for said deadly new drug. Perhaps, these drugs even mimic his so-called "Vertigo Effect" but to a lesser extent, causing whoever takes it to feel a mild form of Vertigo's trademark disorientation.

The only question left is to what degree will Vertigo's powers will remain the same? In the comics, Werner Vertigo is able to alter the balance of his enemies via a small electronic device implanted in his right temple as a direct result of a hereditary inner ear defect. After tinkering with the device, Vertigo learns that he can mentally control this "Vertigo Effect" allowing for him to abuse its power during hand-to-hand combat. He also wears magnetic boots which enable him to walk on walls and ceilings and in recent years has developed the ability to fly.

Obviously, the "Arrow" version of Vertigo will not be able to fly (if the series chooses to stick to its realistic tone) but what do you think the chances are that we'll be seeing those magnetic boots? An opponent with the power to disorient his victims at will and walk on walls could prove to be a huge challenge for Oliver Queen, who has so far only had to deal with assassins of various shapes and sizes. Here's hoping that Count Vertigo puts up more of a fight than Deadshot did!

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