'Walking Dead' Creator Killed By 'Robot' Zombies

Robert Kirkman

If you're one of the many "Walking Dead" fans outraged by the death of your favorite characters — be it Shane, Dale or any other number of recent casualties — then you might want to tune into "Robot Chicken" later this month for some sweet, sweet revenge.

Robert Kirkman, creator of the "Walking Dead" comic books and executive producer of the AMC series, will cameo as himself on the November 18 episode of Adult Swim's stop-motion sketch comedy series. Best part of all: he'll be eaten alive by the very same zombies he's unleashed upon your favorite characters over the last few years of "Walking Dead" mania.

"I come out during some sort of argument and I try to talk about zombies for a little bit, but then I am swiftly eaten and devoured by a bunch of zombies," Kirkman told E! Online about his upcoming "Robot Chicken" cameo. "It's not the biggest role and I don't expect to be winning an Emmy anytime soon. But hopefully it will be memorable enough to have a lasting effect in the Robot universe."

Kirkman's animated demise will have to suffice for those of you hoping to see the comic book creator meet his maker on the live-action "Walking Dead" series.

"I find cameos like that extremely self-serving," he said. "I'm an executive producer on the show. I've got my name all over the show. I don't need my face all over it, too. It's not something I have any interest in doing."

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