'Locke & Key' Writer Confirms Film Trilogy Rumors

Locke & Key

We ended last week with a whole lot of comic book adaptation rumors swirling around, and we weren’t quite sure which ones would actually turn out to be true. Fortunately, the one that panned out is also one of the ones that has us most excited.

Latino Review had reported on Friday that "Locke & Key" is in the process of being turned into a live-action film trilogy after the TV series failed to be picked up by Fox. While we were skeptically hopeful of that news at the time, producer Roberto Orci has confirmed that the trilogy is actually happening. Click on after the jump for more details.

One fan tweeted at Orci, who is reportedly producing and writing the script for the "Locke & Key" films with Alex Kurtzman, and asked him to clarify if the rumors were true. He did just that but nothing more, simply tweeting, "true."

Having Orci and Kurtzman behind this project is the best news we could have heard. The producing duo are responsible for powerhouse projects like J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" movies, cult favorite show "Fringe" and even the upcoming "Ender's Game" movie. They both acted as executive producers for the failed "Locke & Key" television series, and we're glad they didn't stop trying to get this Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez-created horror series made when Fox didn't pick up the series' pilot. We might get less "Locke & Key" in the long run this way, but the films could end up being better quality than the TV show would have been.

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