'Wolverine' Battles Ninjas In New Set Photos


When next we see Logan, he'll already have a long history of battling villains who can heal quickly, shapeshift, control magnetism and eradicate any obstacle with little more than a thought. Now, he's about to face a brand new nemesis: ninjas.

"The Wolverine" not only takes place after all of the "X-Men" films, it also takes place in Japan. And as Logan heads to the Land of the Rising Sun, he's going to be bringing his claws to bear upon equally steeled ninjas, as evidenced by new photos that have emerged from the film's Australia set.

You can see images of Logan and his ninja enemies over at The Daily Telegraph. The paper reports that the scene involves Logan "perched on top of a snow plough which raced through the wintry Japanese setting all while black ninjas attacked him from the village's rooftops."

Recently, we learned a whole lot about "The Wolverine" from star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold, including the fact that the fast-healing mutant will rely upon his rage as much as his claws in the upcoming sequel.

"His ultimate weapon is his rage," said Jackman. "There are others that have stronger superpowers on paper, but who's the person you least want to annoy? Wolverine. And that's the thing that makes him badass. That's the thing that makes him cool. And that's the thing we're trying to key in on. Not this inflation of powers, not the healing ability, but really when it comes to it, it's that berserker rage."

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