Jamie Foxx Will Be 'Fantastic' In 'Spider-Man' Sequel, Marc Webb Says

Jamie Foxx as Electro, you say? It's looking likelier and likelier by the minute, as director Marc Webb himself has weighed in on the possible "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel casting.

"I would love the chance to work with Jamie Foxx," Webb told MTV News at the "Spider-Man" Blu-ray press junket this week. "I think that Jamie Foxx is one of the great character actors. He's a movie star, no doubt about it. But he is a really brilliant actor."

"I've loved him since the 'In Living Color' days," the director continued. "What he's done in 'Collateral,' 'Ray,' 'Ali,' and what's coming out in 'Django' ... he's an exceptional talent. To have that opportunity would be, will be, may be fantastic."

Also sounding likely is Shailene Woodley's casting as Mary Jane Watson. As with the way he spoke about Foxx, Webb stopped short of outright confirming Woodley's involvement in his "Spider-Man" universe, but he had nothing but the highest of praise to offer the young actress.

"She's fantastic as well," said Webb. "It's a little preliminary to say definitively, but these are actors that I'm a huge fan of, and I hope very much that we get to work together in the future."

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