New 'Iron Man 3' Photo Raises More Mandarin Questions


What's a week without a Mandarin sighting? We're certainly hoping that a single one won't go by with at least the slightest hint at what to expect from the "Iron Man 3" villain, and today, just in the nick of time, comes a brand new look at the ring-clad bad guy. posted an all-new image of Sir Ben Kingsley in full Mandarin regalia, staring off with idle interest and stroking his formidable facial hair with those ring-covered fingers of his. There are a few other interesting details to consider in the new Mandarin look, too.

See it in full below.

Two big points to consider, as far as I can see. Up first: beneath all those heavy robes, looking past those ornate rings, we see that Mandarin is wearing... a frickin' T-shirt? It's one thing to see the traditionally mystical villain wielding a handgun. But what's with the T-shirt? What does it say? Is he repping some "Avengers" apparel to go with his "Avengers" tattoo? Someone with better eyes than mine, please give a closer look and reveal what you find in the comments below.

Another point that I've seen some folks giving weight to is the dragon carving on the wall in the background. Just a detail, or a hint at a Fin Fang Foom sighting to come? At this early stage, a fan can only dream.

"Iron Man 3" flies into theaters on May 3, 2013.

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