'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.04, 'An Innocent Man'


by Ryan Rigley

This week's episode of "Arrow" picks up pretty much exactly where last week's episode left off: Diggle awakes from his poison induced unconsciousness to discover that his employer, Oliver Queen, and the murderous vigilante, Arrow, are in fact one in the same. Throughout the course of "An Innocent Man," Dig struggles to come to terms with Oliver's criminal killing hobby as he decides whether or not to take Mr. Queen up on his offer.

Meanwhile, Oliver decides to take his little sister, Thea, up on her advice to be himself around Laurel, who thinks of him as nothing more than a selfish jerk. However, knowing Oliver Queen, in order for him to truly be himself with Laurel he must first introduce her to Arrow.

The next morning, Oliver returns home to find a new bodyguard, named Rob, waiting to start guarding his body. Oliver inquires about Diggle's whereabouts to which Moira replies that he has resigned. Of course, Oliver promptly ditches the new guy and heads to the "Arrowcave" to do some research on Jason Brodeur, the next name on his dead father's list.

Earlier, on the news, Oliver learns of a man named Peter Declan who has apparently murdered his wife in their child's room. Yet, looking further into the case, Oliver discovers that Declan's wife, Camille, was working for Jason Brodeur and had recently discovered that Brodeur was dumping toxic waste illegally. In need of a good lawyer, Oliver suits up and heads to Laurel's apartment.

At Laurel's place, Arrow shuts off all of the lights and proceeds to inform Laurel of Peter Declan's innocence. While Laurel initially has a hard time trusting Arrow, her drive to protect the innocent eventually overcomes her and she goes to the Starling City Penitentiary to discuss the case with Declan.

Later that night, Oliver pays Diggle a visit at the diner where his sister-in-law works. Diggle, who is still clearly against the idea of vigilantism, listens to Oliver as he makes his case. During this speech, Oliver pretty much states that he handpicked Diggle for the job and that he watched his father, Robert Queen, shoot himself in the head. He then hands Dig his father's notebook with the list of names.

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Over at Queen Consolidated, Walter Steele discovers that $2.6 million has been embezzled from the company. Moira, who is clearly lying, says that she took the money to invest in a friend's company a couple of years ago. Later, Steele meets with the blonde IT girl that we met in last week's episode, Ms. Smoke, and asks her to look into the missing funds in order to figure out the details of the transaction. Ms. Smoke soon discovers that the company that Moira invested in, Tempest, is fake and that the only thing they've ever purchased was a warehouse that houses the wreckage of the Queen's Gambit; Robert Queen's boat that was destroyed during the big storm.

Meanwhile, Arrow interrogates one of Jason Brodeur's men by handcuffing him to the train tracks. With a train just around the corner, the man admits that Peter Declan did not murder his wife and that there's a file with evidence against Brodeur in his desk. Arrow brings the file to Laurel, who then finds out that the evidence won't hold up in court since it was acquired via unlawful actions. Arrow then decides that it's time to confront Jason Brodeur.

After shooting him in the hand with an arrow, Brodeur tells Arrow that a hit has been put out on both Declan and Laurel, who is currently visiting Declan in prison. With that, Arrow rushes over, disguises himself as a security guard, and saves Laurel's life just in the nick of time. As Oliver is in the process of beating Laurel's assailant to death, Laurel stop him and catches a glimpse of the anger in his eyes. Suddenly, the police barge in and Oliver makes his getaway.

As Oliver watches Laurel and her father, Detective Lance, discussing the vigilante, he flashes back to his time on the island. In the flashback, we learn that the mysterious bearded Asian man from the last episode is indeed an ally of Oliver's. He brings Oliver a bird and forces him to kill it and cook it in order to survive. Clearly, this bearded Asian man is going to be a mentor figure for Oliver during the course of his five years spent on the island.

Back at Queen manor, Diggle pays Oliver a visit and agrees to join him in his one man war on crime. However, their reunion is cut short thanks to the Starling City police department who have come to arrest Oliver under the pretense that he is the deadly vigilante known as Arrow. With video evidence of Oliver in the stairwell of the prison changing into his disguise, it seems as though Oliver is going to be locked up for life.

Perhaps, this is where having a partner like Diggle comes into play; a soldier who is experienced with covert affairs that can sneak into the police department unnoticed and steal the footage of Oliver in the prison. Let's hope something of the sort happens in next week's episode! Otherwise, it would appear as though Oliver Queen is majorly screwed.

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