Halloween Special: Five Unconventional 2012 Comic Book Movie Costume Ideas


Halloween is here! It's a bit close to the starting line, sure, but is it ever too late for costume suggestions? If you're anything like us, you're running around headless trying to figure out what to wear to parties and as you go candy-collecting this evening.

But comic book movie fans, we implore you: resist those urges to wear the conventional "Avengers" and "Dark Knight Rises" costumes. There are so many better possible interpretations to comic book movies from 2012 that you can wear this year.

Read on for our least conventional comic book movie costume ideas!


Agent Coulson's Bloody Captain America Card Collection

Get a few friends, dress up in Captain America's World War II costume, put appropriate amounts of blood on yourself, freeze in the same positions seen in the card collection, don't move a muscle for the rest of the night.


Pre-CGI Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider

Paint your face like a skull. Wrap head in motion capture shawl. Wear leather. Do best low-volume nasal-Nic Cage impression. Become the rider.


Pair Of Agent Ks

Dress up in a suit. Convince elder relative, preferably father or uncle, to dress up in same suit. Act exactly like each other and confuse the hell out of everyone in the room.


Bane's Voice

Find a voice-inhibiting mask and the least likely and silliest possible arrangement of clothes in your closet and put them all on. Wear them as you break the backs of every Batman you see on Halloween night. Bathe in the blood of everyone who laughs at you.*


Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone's Sexual Chemistry

Find the love of your life. Dress like normal teenagers. Go to every party and make everyone else feel bad about themselves for not falling in love with an equally electric partner. Throw lover off a bridge next Halloween.*

* - Don't really do these ones.