'Arrow' Interview: Bodyguard Diggle Isn't A Yes Man


by Ryan Rigley

Last week's episode of "Arrow" ended on a huge cliffhanger, with Oliver Queen's bodyguard, John Diggle, finally discovering one of Mr. Queen's deepest and darkest secrets. That's right: Dig officially knows that Oliver and Arrow are one and the same.

In a recent interview with MTV News, David Ramsey (who plays Diggle on the series) spoke about his role on the show and what it will entail going forward.

"Well, the biggest change is that they start working together," reveals Ramsey on the evolving relationship between John Diggle and Oliver Queen. "He makes it clear to Oliver that this isn’t about me being a yes man. This is about me understanding what you do and what it does to you as a person. What it does to your humanity."

"Oliver does have a sense of justice," Ramsey continues. "So I think that Diggle has to remind him that because he is distributing justice, capitol punishment really, it will do something to you as a person. I think as Diggle has experienced that as a soldier on the field and that experience is something that Oliver recognizes he needs."

According to Ramsey, we'll also be learning how Oliver came to choose Diggle as his ally in the first place.


"Everything that he made, how he ditched Diggle and how Diggle always kind of catches up with him, all of that means something to Oliver," states Ramsey on Oliver's changing opinions of his bodyguard. "It impressed him and he lets Diggle know that. That he’s been under a microscope and that he has been handpicked. So he does see him more of an equal. He will when he ultimately offers him a job at his side."

Not only will we be learning Oliver's motives for recruiting Diggle, but we'll also be learning more about Diggle's motives for wanting to help Oliver in his quest for justice.

"There’s some interesting stuff coming up. His brother was in the same line of work and he was assassinated by Deadshot," Ramsey elaborates on last week's episode. "This means something to Diggle in making the decision to join Oliver. Making a difference in his community, in Starling City, in his life. I mean, Diggle was born to do this. Diggle was born to protect people. Diggle was born to be a soldier, to make a difference, and he feels as if he’s been out of the loop."

Lucky for Dig, his character will be playing an extremely important role in the rest of the season.

"He is there to help Oliver on his moral quest, to be a better man," explains Ramsey. "But Diggle’s also a trained soldier. He’s trained with knives, he’s trained with all forms of martial arts. You’ll see him working out a great deal and fighting a great deal in the upcoming episodes. Oliver needs someone to fight with him. He needs someone that is skilled with street-fighting and being able to take people out. Diggle offers that."

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