'Wolverine' Poster Revealed, Hugh Jackman Teases New 'Kryptonite' For Logan


"The Wolverine" will show us the meanest mutant Marvel has to offer, and we've got the poster to prove it. Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold unveiled the first poster for their "X-Men" movie during a question and answer session with the fans this week, alongside a whole host of other details about the upcoming Fox film.

See the poster and find out more below!

The black and white poster design seemingly speaks to the dark rage within Logan himself, an angle that Jackman and Mangold plan to explore in depth in "The Wolverine."

"His ultimate weapon is his rage," said Jackman. "There are others that have stronger superpowers on paper, but who's the person you least want to annoy? Wolverine. And that's the thing that makes him badass. That's the thing that makes him cool. And that's the thing we're trying to key in on. Not this inflation of powers, not the healing ability, but really when it comes to it, it's that berserker rage."

But the berserker rage belies a hidden weakness that "The Wolverine" will exploit: "You're always in danger with someone like Wolverine because he has his healing ability. Unless you lop his head off, he's going to come back at you. Actually, in this movie, he discovers his kryptonite."

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