First 'Axe Cop' Clip Gets Ron Swanson Treatment

Axe Cop

by Ryan Rigley

A few months ago, it was announced that Fox's new Saturday night animation lineup would be kicking off with a series based on "Axe Cop," the greatest comic book ever written (by a 5 year old). Created by brothers Malachai Nicolle (who was just 5 when he started the series) and Ethan Nicolle (who was 29), "Axe Cop" revolves around an axe-wielding cop and his never ending quest to chop the heads off of bad guys.

There's been talk of an animated "Axe Cop" series for a while, but now (thanks to Fox's ADHD) we have an official first look at what this wacky series might entail. Not to mention the ever-amazing vocal talents of Nick Offerman (from NBC's "Parks And Recreation"), who plays Axe Cop in the video.

As fans of the "Axe Cop" comic book well know, Axe Cop often times will take a break from his busy bad guy killing schedule to answer some fan mail in a segment called "Ask Axe Cop." In this particular edition of "Ask Axe Cop," Axe Cop receives a letter from a young boy who wants to know what a typical Halloween night looks like for the axe-crazy crime fighter. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Joining Axe Cop in this Halloween-themed animated short are fellow crime-fighters Flute Cop, Sockarang, Ralph Wrinkles, and Baby Man, who clearly do not feel as strongly about the holiday as Axe Cop. These are just a few of the many bizarre characters that exist within the "Axe Cop" universe: with the likes of Ghost Cop, Telescope Gun Cop, Uni-Baby, Uni-Man, Lobster Man, and Wexter (a flying dinosaur with machine gun arms) also joining Axe Cop on his unstoppable team of good guys.

With Fox's "Animation Domination" slated to begin sometime early next year, we expect to see some more animated "Axe Cop" clips within the coming months. The decision to cast Nick Offerman as Axe Cop is absolutely brilliant, to say the least. Even though he goes largely unrecognized in the "Halloween" short, his deadpan delivery and dry sense of humor are perfect for the mustachioed Axe Cop. Let's just hope that he'll be reprising the role for the actual series as well!

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