'Walking Dead' Introduces The Governor: How Does He Hold Up To The Comics?

Walking Dead

Governor, meet the audience. Audience, meet the Governor, and his gross assortment of zombie heads.

Actor David Morrissey made his first appearance on "The Walking Dead" on the latest episode, titled "Walk with Me." In many ways, Morrissey's Governor is a spitting image of the villain we know from the comic books. In others… not so much.

Read on for a quick compare and contrast between the two versions of the Governor. Be warned: spoilers for the comics lie ahead.

The Look: On looks alone, the two Governors couldn't be more different. The villain from the comics wears his hair long, has a hefty handlebar mustache, and — eventually — has more than a few war wounds to his name. Those disfigurements could well come the TV Governor's way eventually, but we don't see any sight of the wiry hair and 'stache on the show.

The Charm: Morrissey's Governor pretty much swept Andrea off her feet in his introductory episode. They're not knocking boots yet, but he's turned up the charm, and the blonde-haired sharp-shooter is very much intrigued. While the comics Governor isn't without his own roguish charm, his psychopathic tendencies far outweigh his abilities to woo a woman under any kind of conventional means. See his above interaction with Michonne for a look into how the comics Governor deals with the ladies.

The Crazy Reveal: Both versions of the Governor are clearly crazy. But in the comics, his craziness is revealed right up front to our survivors when he brings a knife down on Rick's hand, severing it completely. On the show, his psychosis is a private affair — to our heroes, at least, as Governor dispatches a group of armed soldiers without justifiable cause. There is one crazy habit the two versions of the Governor share...

The Heads: Yeah. That's pretty much the same.

The Kid: As we saw on this week's "Walking Dead," the TV Governor had a family once upon a time, including a young daughter. She doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby. But those of us who have read the comics know that poor Penny isn't lurking too far away from the walls of Woodbury. In fact, she just might be closer than you think...

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