'Cloud Atlas' Special: Five Comic Book Films For The Wachowskis

By Ryan Rigley

Today marks the release of "Cloud Atlas," the latest film from the Wachowskis (directors of "The Matrix" trilogy and "Speed Racer"). Starring Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving, "Cloud Atlas" tells the epic centuries-spanning story of one soul who's transformed from a murderer to a savior and an act of kindness that eventually sparks an entire revolution.

In honor of "Cloud Atlas," we figured what better way to celebrate than by compiling a list of comic books fit for the Wachowskis. With a list of credentials based in sci-fi and drama, each of these comics were handpicked to best suit the duo's strengths. Check 'em out past the jump!


This cyberpunk comic book series, written by Warren Ellis, is perfect for the Wachowskis in both tone and subject matter. Chronicling the life and times of Spider Jerusalem (a renegade gonzo journalist), "Transmetropolitan" takes place in a futuristic society with dystopian ideals. Not unlike "The Matrix," Spider and his "filthy assistants" make it their job to keep the world from becoming even more of a dystopia than it has already become.


Marvel's sci-fi classic tells the tale of Richard Rider, an average teenager who is transformed into a cosmically powerful superhero when he encounters a dying member of the Nova Corps. Traveling to the distant planet of Xandar, Rider aids the Xandarians in ridding themselves of the Skrull empire threatening to take over their home planet and subsequently becomes the champion that the universe so desperately needs.


Brian K. Vaughan's latest work is truly a sci-fi epic in the making. "Saga" revolves around a fugitive couple (Alana and Marko) and their newborn baby (Hazel) as they travel across the galaxy in search of refuge. Along the way, the family encounters a wide array of different alien species and planets. With unique characters among the likes of deadly assassins, robot princes, and friendly ghosts, "Saga" would surely be an incredible film in the hands of the Wachowskis.

"Tom Strong"

One of Alan Moore's least ominous novels, "Tom Strong" features a self-proclaimed "science hero" (Tom Strong) with super-strength and a genius level IQ. Moore used "Tom Strong" to explore a variety of genres, but sci-fi was always the most prevalent. Especially, with the concept of alternate realities being a key element of the story. The Wachowskis have already directed one Moore adaptation ("V For Vendetta") for the big screen, so who's to say that they wouldn't be able to pull off another one?

"The Flash"

DC's premier super-speedster (The Flash) has been around since the 1940's and has been a member of the Justice League of America for almost as long as the team has been around. With a TV series starring the superhero in the 1990's a rumor going around that "The Flash" will be getting his own feature film sometime soon (possibly after the "Justice League" movie), we don't see why the Wachowskis wouldn't be able to turn "The Flash" into another smash-hit summer blockbuster. After all, they did it for "Speed Racer."

What comic book adaptations would you like to see the Wachowskis take one?