'Silent Hill' Special: Seven Scariest Comic Book Towns

Silent Hill

by Ryan Rigley

Just in time for Halloween, today marks the release of the second installment in the "Silent Hill" film franchise. Based on the best-selling horror video game of the same name, "Silent Hill: Revelation" stars Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason, a young woman that is drawn into a strange alternate reality with the hopes of finding her lost father and discovering the meaning behind the nightmares that have plagued her since childhood.

In honor of "Silent Hill: Revelation," we thought it best to come up with our own list of spooky towns. Spooky comic book towns, to be specific! These haunted hangouts are located all over the country, ranging everywhere from Alaska to Georgia. Yet, they're all based around secrets that would more than likely kill you if you were to discover them.

Read on past the jump! If you dare...

Barrow, Alaska

Did you know that Barrow, Alaska is so far North that during the winter there's a period of 30 days where the sun doesn't rise at all? This little known fact makes Barrow perfect for those of us that explode in the sunlight. In the world of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's "30 Days of Night," vampires take full advantage of this naturally occurring phenomenon; openly mutilating and feasting on the people of Barrow for the entirety of this sunless season.

Doverton, Colorado

This small Colorado town was actually quite peaceful until Cletus Kasady moved in. During the recent "Carnage USA" mini-series, Carnage takes the entire town of Doverton hostage with the help of his psychotic symbiote. Forcing husbands to kill their families against their will and even gaining control of the Avengers for a while, Carnage quite literally turns Doverton into a living nightmare.

Bergen, Minnesota

Taking place in and around Minnesota, David Lapham's "Ferals" tells the tale of Dale Chestnut, an ex-cop/alcoholic searching for answers to the mysterious murders that have been sprouting up everywhere he goes. His search eventually leads him to Bergen, a small cult-like town led by a cold-blooded killer and his demented "family." Oh, and did we mention that everyone in Bergen is a werewolf?

Goon Town

Straight from the pages of Eric Powell's "The Goon," this spooky town may not have a name or even a designated time period but one thing is definitely for certain; it's completely infested with all sorts of paranormal pests. Whether it's zombies, ghosts, hobos, giant squids, or skunk-apes, the Goon and his pal Franky certainly have their hands full when it comes to protecting the residents of Lonely Street. Especially, with that demonic entity known as the Zombie Priest running around.

Lovecraft, Massachusetts

After their father is brutally murdered, the Locke brothers (Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode) move with their mother to an old family estate (called Keyhouse) located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. Throughout the course of "Locke & Key," we discover that Lovecraft has a mysterious past steeped in murder. We also discover that Keyhouse has a strange "Ghost Door" used to separate a person's spirit from his or her body.

Woodbury, Georgia

Fans of the "Walking Dead" comic book will recognize this town as the gruesome Governor's base of operations. But for those of you that have only seen the "Walking Dead" TV series, the following could potentially be considered a SPOILER. With that said, we here at MTV News really hope that Woodbury's famous zombie coliseum makes it into the show. Not to mention the Governor's unnerving collection of severed zombie heads. What a creep!

Gotham City

Technically, Gotham City is way too big to be considered a town. However, with the amount of times that Gotham has been plagued by either psychotic madmen or terrifying monsters, we figured we'd let that fact slide. Gotham is a city that is quite literally drenched in mystery, with a history based in secret cults and crooked businessmen. Many of Gotham's biggest questions continue to go unanswered to this day, with the most prevalent question being "Why doesn't Batman just move?"

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