'Iron Man 3' Trailer Is Our Hero Of The Week

Iron Man 3

If there are no such things as heroes, then how is it that the "Iron Man 3" trailer is our Hero of the Week?

The answer, quite simply, is that Mandarin is wrong. There are heroes in the world, like the team that puts the trailers together for Marvel Studios. Based on just two minutes of footage, fans worldwide are already ready to declare Shane Black's "Iron Man" sequel the very best of the bunch. And while we'll stop short of such hyperbole, we have to agree with the masses — everything we've seen here looks unbearably awesome.

We're not alone in our adoration for the "Iron Man 3" trailer. Read on for similar sentiments from friends of ours across the web!

Kevin Polowy, NextMovie: "I love this trailer. It's got a brooding intensity and slick style to it that just grips you. Definitely darker from what we've seen in 'Iron Man'/Marvel movies of the past, but after a pretty lackluster sequel, this franchise can use a jolt of gravitas."

Valerie Gallaher, MTV Geek: "It feels very much like 'Dark Knight Rises' ... stated similarities to 'TDKR' aside, I am indeed excited for 'Iron Man 3.' I love Tony, but I think he's still a bit too cocky. Time to get him back to basics."

Brett White, Comic Book Resources: "The trailer gets a pretty emphatic 'YES' from me. I like that this is addressing the events of 'Avengers' without being a full-on sequel and the trailer does a great job of showing just how personal and tragic this conflict is going to be. The film looks epic. Plus that shot of an Iron Man jumping at Pepper and Tony in bed? Maybe the creepiest ever in a Marvel film. I'm all for this."

Josh Wilding, Comic Book Movie: "I thought the trailer was incredible. It's obviously early days and we haven't seen much at all at this point, but I honestly think this has the potential to be the best instalment in the franchise yet."

Can't say we disagree with any of the above. So let's tune into that trailer one last time and give it a good old Hero of the Week salute. If any trailer deserves HOTW status, it's this one.

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