'Arrow' Poster: Innocent And Not Guilty Are Two Different Things


Don't make Arrow angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Oliver Queen is out for justice for the citizens of Starling City, taking criminals and the corrupt off the street one carefully aimed arrow at a time. A brand new poster for the CW series has arrived online today courtesy of TV Line, just ahead of the show's string of sweeps episodes — and as you can see by the emerald-tipped arrow over Oliver's eye, our hero means business.

Check out the poster, and descriptions of those sweeps episodes, after the break.

Wednesday, October 31 – "An Innocent Man" (8:00-9:00pm)

Oliver (Stephen Amell) still hasn't figured out how to get back in Laurel's (Katie Cassidy) good graces, but a late night bonding session with Thea (Willa Holland) gives him the inspiration he needs. Looking into a suspicious murder case, Oliver realizes an innocent man, Peter Declan (guest star Lane Edwards), was framed by one of the targets on his list.

Wednesday, November 7 – "Damaged" (8:00-9:00pm)

Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) arrests Oliver (Stephen Amell) for murder, and DC Comics' villain Deathstroke (guest star Jeffrey Robinson) appears in a flashback to Oliver's days on the island.

Wednesday, November 14 – "Legacies" (8:00-9:00pm)

When a gang of brazen bank robbers dubbed The Royal Flush Gang threaten Starling City, Oliver (Stephen Amell) is forced to confront the scope of his mission and decide whether to stray from his father's list. Diggle (John Ramsay) pushes Oliver to look past the list and start helping those who really need him.

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