New 'Wolverine' Photo Breaks Out The Bone Claws


Now that we know "The Wolverine" takes place after "X-Men: The Last Stand," the newest photo from the Hugh Jackman film has left us even more curious than ever.

Featured in the newest issue of Empire Magazine, the latest "Wolverine" still sees a shirtless Jackman standing at the bottom of a pit, staring up angrily with his claws fully unsheathed.

Nothing too far out of the ordinary, right? Wrong. Take a closer look at Logan's claws in the photo below.

Those are bone claws, not adamantium claws, popping out of Wolvie's hands. How does that fit in the timeline if "The Wolverine" takes place after the third "X-Men" movie? Did Logan undergo a procedure to get his adamantium out of his system? Not likely, as previously released "Wolverine" photos show our hero with metal claws firmly intact.

The more likely outcome is that James Mangold's adaptation of Marvel's fiercest mutant includes flashbacks as well as the main modern-day plot; that's the easiest explanation for the bone claws.

But what if it's something darker? What if somehow, along the way, Logan's adamantium gets removed? That sounds like a job for Magneto — and a potential way to tie "Wolverine" into the upcoming "Days of Future Past."

Major thanks to Comic Book Movie for the scan.

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