'Arrow' Recap: Episode 1.03, 'Lone Gunmen'


by Ryan Rigley

To say that last night's episode of "Arrow" was full of surprises would be a pretty serious understatement. "Lone Gunmen" was absolutely full of unexpected twists and turns, basically changing everything that we've grown to know about the series so far.

Read on for our recap of Deadshot's "Arrow" debut!

We open on Oliver Queen training in his "Arrowcave," as per usual, who then proceeds to confront another one of the men (James Holder) on his dead father's list, as per usual.

However, just as Oliver threatens to shoot Holder with his arrows, Holder is suddenly sniped from a hundred yards away. The assassin in question? The one and only Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot. With Holder floating dead in his own pool, Oliver takes it upon himself to put Deadshot at the top of his list.

Oliver stumbles back to the Arrowcave only to discover that the bullet that grazed his shoulder was poisoned. With the curare poison raging through his body, Oliver passes out and has another flashback. During this flashback, we get a glimpse of the mysterious archer who shot Oliver at the end of last week's episode. Surprisingly, he turns out to be a bearded Asian man that actually seems pretty friendly.

Back at home, Moira stands in judgement of Thea, who got really wasted with her friends and broke into a store to try on clothes the previous night. Yet, despite Moira's harsh words, she decides to let Thea take a sick day from school. Oliver, of course, sees this as an opportunity to criticize Moira's parenting.

Later that day, Oliver takes Tommy and Diggle to his dad's abandoned factory and tells them that he plans on turning it into a nightclub. On the surface, Oliver claims that he wants to gentrify the poor neighborhood in which the factory is located, but we discover his true motives via inner monologue; building the nightclub over the Arrowcave will effectually create an extremely plausible alibi for Oliver Queen, explaining where he runs off to every night.

Returning to the scene of the crime, Oliver climbs up the side of a building with cat-like reflexes and pries a bullet out of the wall. He takes the bullet, which clearly belongs to Deadshot, back to his lair to do some research only to discover that Floyd Lawton is linked to the Russian mob. With that, Oliver puts on his best Russian accent and confronts the local Russian mob outlet, which is apparently located in the basement of a nearby auto repair shop.

That night, Oliver and Tommy head to a hip club, called Poison, run by a man named Max Fuller. Coincidentally, Laurel and her friend are there as well, doing shots and blowing off some steam. Thea, who clearly has a drinking problem, is also there. She drunkenly reveals to Oliver that Laurel and Tommy were sleeping together while Oliver was presumed dead. This, of course, comes as no surprise to Oliver, who saw the two kissing at the end of the pilot episode.

Another flashback reveals that there are other people on the island besides Oliver and the bearded Asian man; heavily-armed people. The bearded Asian man proceeds to cut Oliver down from a tree after getting himself stuck in a netted trap like a wild animal.

During a heart to heart with Tommy, Oliver receives a call from the Russians telling him which hotel Floyd Lawton is staying at. Oliver suits up and confronts Deadshot head-on, resulting in Deadshot jumping out of the window and escaping. Luckily, Oliver was able to steal Floyd's laptop before the police showed up, taking it to the most awkward IT girl ever and having her run a diagnostic on it. Eventually, they figure out that Floyd plans on assassinating a whole mess of people at a stock auction in which Oliver's entire family is participating. Unable to defend multiple people at once, Oliver decides to ask Detective Lance for help.

The next day, Deadshot makes his move as scheduled with only a few minor causalities; none of which were part of the reoccurring cast. Oliver tells Diggle to get his family out safely while he gets suited up and heads upstairs for a rematch with Deadshot. During their fight, Deadshot mentions that he's a fan of Arrow's work claiming that the fact that they both kill people makes them one in the same. Oliver, of course, does not agree with this and basically kills Deadshot without even looking. After the smoke has been cleared, Oliver notices a wounded Diggle on the sidelines. He takes him back to his Arrowcave, cures him of the curare poison in his system, and reveals to him his secret identity. Needless to say, Diggle is shocked.

Having Deadshot be a part of "Arrow" was, in my opinion, a very two-sided coin. On the one hand, we got to see one of the greatest assassins in the DC universe come to life thanks in large part to Michael Rowe's chilling performance. But on the other hand, he only lasted one episode. Is it just me or does a character as well known as Deadshot deserve to be in at least two episodes, if not an entire season?

In my opinion, Deadshot could have easily been faking his death at the end of last night's episode. Floyd Lawton has been known to play possum before, with body armor that masks his vital signs and an eye piece filled with a layer of fake blood. Also, is it just me or did it initially seem like Oliver's arrow missed? Whatever the case may be, only time will tell whether or not Floyd Lawton will plague Starling City again.

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