'Iron Man 3' Gives Mandarin's Rings New Origin


The Mandarin is a man of many questions, just as he's a man of many rings. In fact, many of those questions center on those many rings — what can they do, for instance?

In the comics, Mandarin's ten rings each have powerful, often mystical abilities; Ice Blast and Matter Rearrangement, to name two. But in "Iron Man 3," don't count on seeing those powers come into play — it's not going to happen, according to Marvel's Kevin Feige.

Feige tells EW that movie Mandarin has "a different backstory from the comics, in which he was a Chinese exile who discovers a crashed alien ship and harnesses the power of the 10 rings aboard it to unleash havoc on the world." Part of that different backstory means "we won’t get ice rays and fire beams from these rings."

That doesn't mean Mandarin's rings won't be without their own sets of powers. Perhaps they're more on the technological side of things than what we've seen in the comics; that would certainly fall in line with a villain who is happy to use handguns and rocket-launchers against his enemies.

While you're busy wondering how Mandarin's rings will come into play, feast your eyes once again on that glorious "Iron Man 3" trailer.

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