'Spider-Man' Musical Behind-The-Scenes Book To Explore Backstage Drama


"Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" has been playing on Broadway for quite a while now, without too many recent controversies to speak of, no less. But that doesn't mean the drama behind the scenes has been forgotten entirely — far from it, in fact.

The New York Times reports that Glen Berger, playwright and co-writer of the book for "Turn off the Dark," has sold a new book to publisher Simon & Schuster all about his experiences working on the "Spider-Man" musical.

"Song of the Spider: The Inside Story of the Most Controversial Musical in Broadway History" will detail Berger's time working on "Turn off the Dark," including his experience working with director Julie Taymor on the musical. Berger was one of the original writers on "Turn off the Dark" and was also involved in rewriting the show; he was named as a defendant in Taymor's lawsuit against the producers of the "Spider-Man" musical.

"I just think it's a good story," Jonathan Karp, publisher and executive vice-president of Simon & Schuster, told the paper about the book. "From the pages I've seen, I think it will be an insightful and entertaining account of the making of this musical."

Berger is still writing the book, which isn't expected to be published until 2013.

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