'Captain America' Sequel: Who Is Crossbones?


by Ryan Rigley

Now that Frank Grillo has reportedly tested for a "secret" role in the upcoming "Captain America: The Winter Solider," the competition to play Marvel's mystery character is now even more intense than it was to begin with.

Joining Josh Holloway and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the running for the "Captain America" sequel, Grillo tweeted about his screen test using this hashtag: #bones. Although it has yet to be confirmed, we here at Splash Page have a pretty good feeling that #bones is, in fact, a reference to the deadly assassin known as Crossbones who actually plays an important role in the original "Winter Soldier" story arc.

But who is Crossbones and why should you care? Click past the jump to find out! Be warned that spoilers are ahead for the "Winter Soldier" comics and, potentially, the "Winter Soldier" movie.

Created in 1989 by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Kieron Dwyer, Brock Rumlow (a.k.a. Crossbones) often acts as right hand man to the Red Skull. He began his life of crime as the leader of the Savage Crims on the lower east side of New York City, where he raped a fifteen year old girl and killed one of her older brothers. In an attempt to outrun the law, Rumlow enrolls himself in Taskmaster's school for criminals where he learns everything there is to know about being an assassin.

Years later, Rumlow becomes the leader of the Skeleton Crew (the Red Skull's personal strike force) and one of the world's greatest killers. Even with his lack of superpowers, Crossbones is fully capable of killing lesser superheroes (and villains) with ease. He's highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat (being one of Taskmaster's most well known students) and is an expert marksman when it comes to guns, bows, and throwing knives.

During the "Winter Soldier" story arc, Crossbones comes into direct contact with both Captain America and Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. The Winter Solider) on several occasions. At one point, the Winter Soldier seemingly assassinates the Red Skull causing Crossbones and his new lover, Synthia Schmidt (Red Skull's daughter), to hunt down the Soldier's commander, Aleksander Lukin. However, it's later revealed that the Red Skull is alive and well; with his mind safely nestled inside Lukin's body.

Crossbones is perhaps most famous for his role in the post-"Civil War" event "Fallen Son," in which he snipes Captain America (on the Red Skull's order) whilst being led from the Federal Courthouse in New York. After Steve Rogers seemingly dies from the gunshot, Bucky Barnes takes up the mantle of Captain America and confronts Crossbones; shooting him several times in the chest after Crossbones throws him out of a window.

There's no doubt that Crossbones' appearance in "The Winter Soldier" would be a dream come true for any Captain America fan. Can you just imagine how awesome it would be to see him facing off against Cap on the silver screen, let alone assassinating him? However, Marvel Studios has managed to keep a pretty tight lid on the subject and it doesn't seem like they'll be answering any Crossbones-related questions anytime soon. But until then, we're keeping our fingers crossed!

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