‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer: The 15 Must-See Moments

The “Iron Man 3” trailer is here. It is awesome. Here are the fifteen moments you need to pay attention to. Be warned: possible spoilers ahead.

» Tony Stark has a lot to apologize for. Is “Iron Man 2” on his list?

» Iron Man’s new armor, the Mark XLVII, can reportedly attach itself to Tony piece by piece anytime, anywhere. Perhaps that’s why the armor is disassembled in this shot.

» Another rumored function of the Mark XLVII: it’s just one of 47 armored drones that Tony can operate remotely. Is this one of those rumored drones, or has someone gotten their hands on Tony’s tech?

» That sucks. That sucks so much.

» Looks like Happy Hogan is getting the Agent Coulson treatment. Hey, uh, maybe he’ll be alive in time for the “S.H.I.E.L.D.” series?

» Is Tony the most illness-prone superhero ever? Or are we witnessing the beginning of him getting outfitted with Extremis nanotechnology?

» Lots of speculation that the plane in question here is Air Force One. If so, let’s hope for the President’s sake that Tony is out of exile.

» It does not look good for Pepper Potts… unless she’s getting dosed with Extremis, and getting outfitted with Rescue as a result. That would be fairly wonderful.

» Kiss the rings. They speak for themselves.

» Once again, either that’s one of Stark’s rumored drones, or someone has gotten hold of the suit. Debate as you will.

» Despite the red hair, that’s not Black Widow you’re seeing. That’s Maya Hansen, played by “The Prestige” actress Rebecca Hall.

» It’s going to take some getting used to, seeing Mandarin with a handgun. Then again, the rings are completely absent in this shot. Is that Mandarin, or just someone who looks like him?


» When your beachfront property is as cool as Tony Stark’s, you just know it’s destined for a trip to the bottom of the ocean.

» Tony doing his best “Lonely Man” impression. A hint at a possible Hulk cameo? Probably not… probably.

What did we miss? List out your favorite “Iron Man 3” trailer moments in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter!

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