Frank Grillo Eyes 'Captain America' Villain Role

Frank Grillo

Josh Holloway and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau appear to have new competition for a "Captain America" mystery role.

Frank Grillo of "The Grey" and "Warrior" fame has reportedly tested for a role in Marvel's upcoming sequel, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." He tweeted about the possibility earlier in the week, and even hinted at the character he might be circling: the deadly assassin known as Crossbones.

"WOW. Badass fans that Marvel has," Grillo tweeted regarding the positive response to his possible involvement with Marvel Studios. "Fierce muthas. #bones"

Grillo's tweets have since been deleted. But the #bones hash-tag he used makes it pretty clear which role the actor is circling. Even looking beyond his comments, though, it's not surprising to hear that Crossbones might be in "Winter Soldier," as he holds a prominent role in the "Captain America" comic books the movie takes its title from. Holloway, Coster-Waldau and now Grillo all have the same roguish bad-boy quality one would expect to find from Crossbones; no matter who wins the role, it definitely sounds like Marvel is very much on the right track.

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