Luke Cage

by Ryan Rigley

When it was first announced that Joss Whedon would be making a Marvel TV series, the Internet was a flutter with the possibilities. With ideas ranging everywhere from "Heroes For Hire" to "The Runaways," it was eventually announced that the series would be based around the shadowy organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D., which was a bit of a let down for those hoping for a "Heroes For Hire" series.

In "Heroes For Hire," Luke Cage and Iron Fist (whom we've already discussed in Assembling Avengers) dish out their own unique brand of street justice as a means of making a profit. Currently, Luke Cage is actually a highly respected figure within the Marvel universe, gaining leadership of the New Avengers after the death of Captain America.

So what are the chances that Cage will be making an appearance in the "Avengers" sequel? Click past the jump to find out!


Born and raised in Harlem, young Carl Lucas quickly becomes a member of a gang known as The Rivals along with his buddy Willis Stryker. Eventually, Lucas realizes the errors of his ways and joins up with the NYPD to right his wrongs. However, Stryker continues down his criminal path and even plants illegal drugs in Lucas' apartment, getting his former friend wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

While in prison, Lucas volunteers himself for a dangerous experiment in exchange for parole and a shorter sentence. The experiment, which was originally intended to make Lucas immune to all diseases, grants him bulletproof skin and superhuman strength. With these new-found powers, Lucas escapes from Seagate Prison and makes his way back to New York City. Donning a bright yellow costume and changing his name to Luke Cage, Power Man sets himself up as a Hero For Hire until he is proven innocent and exonerated from all of his crimes.


As a result of that cellular regeneration experiment that he underwent in prison, Luke Cage's body is nearly impenetrable; being able to withstand high caliber bullets, explosives, acids, puncture wounds and extreme temperatures/pressures without sustaining any sort of damage. Basically, he's like Captain America but way more durable. Plus, Cage also has an ample amount of field experience; currently, he acts as team leader for both the New Avengers and the Thunderbolts.


Obviously, a "Heroes For Hire" series would have been the perfect way to introduce both Luke Cage and Iron Fist into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But being as that series isn't going to happen — at least not right now — we could totally see both of the Heroes For Hire making an appearance in a later episode of the "S.H.I.E.L.D." series. The latter half of the first season or early into the second season would be ideal. After all, Marvel would need time to properly introduce the character within the world of "S.H.I.E.L.D." before bringing him into "The Avengers 2" in 2015.

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